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Trophy Deer Hunts

The open plains of Kansas have some monster mule deer that are often overshadowed by the huge whitetail deer they have there. Mule deer are very abundant in the western third of Kansas while the whitetails are in the eastern and middle part of the state. It's not a secret that Kansas produces some of the highest scoring whitetail deer in the nation. What some hunters don't know is that Kansas also produces some biggest mule deer as well. This may be due to the diffuctly in drawing a mule deer rifle tag. However, the archery and muzzle loader tags are much easier to draw and well worth applying for.

We specialize in Kansas trophy hunts for both mule deer and whitetails. We hunt some of the finest property in the state.Our hunts are 100% fair chase, no high fences. We have taken mule deer bucks that score over 230 B&C inches and whitetails that score over 200 B&C inches.

Whitetail Hunts

Kansas's trophy whitetail deer are legendary. Realistically you can expect your trophy bucks to score between 140 to 160. We have recently taken whitetails that scored over 200 Boone and Crockette points. Our hunters often tell us they see more trophy bucks in a day than they have in their lifetimes.

We hunt the very best private ranches that Kansas has to offer. Our success rate exceeds 95% most years. During the rut the bucks are active while they hunt for a mate. During this time they let thier gaurd down and hunters get a chance at bucks that normally would not be seen.

Call us and reserve your spot so we can help you submit your applications to the state.

Mule Deer Hunts

You can realistically expect mule deer bucks to score between 180 to 200 inches with great mass and wide spread. The private ranch hunts we hunt on offer some of the best bucks in Kansas. These ranches are prime mule deer habitat. They provide the deer with high quality food sources like corn, milo wheat and alfalfa fields. When you provide high protein food with good genetics and selective harvesting, you have the recipe for consistenly producting trophy bucks.

We will spend a lot of time riding around in a 4 wheel drive glassing the hillsides and ravines until we locate the trophy buck you want. Once your trophy is located we will develop a strategy and plan of attack for stalking and taking your buck. Archery hunters should practice shooting from a sitting or kneeling position out to 50 yards. Muzzle loader hunters should practice out to 150 yards.

The Best Deer Hunts

Anyone can claim to provide the best deer hunts in Kansas. The fact is that because of the quality of our hunts, most of our customers are repeat hunters. Some of these great folks have offered to share their experiences with you and provide us with a reference. Check out our references and find out what our past guests think about us. Please be mindful of their time. Then go to our Photo Gallery and check out trophy deer photos. We don't put just our best photos in our gallery, we put them all out there. How would you like to have one on your wall? We look forward to seeing you in camp.

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